The List

Places and things travel-related,  that I want to go to and do in this lifetime.

Well, everyone has some sort of a list. Mine may grow or shrink depending on how fast I can tick them off or how fast I can add to the list. This will evolve. Just like myself.

So let's see how it goes. I want to start with a short list in order not to overwhelm me. I will TRY to make it short...

Things I have already done 
1. Dive Tubbataha 
2. Climb Mt. Pulag (2nd highest mountain in the Philippines) 
3. Dive 160 ft below sea level
4. Swim or dive with sharks 
5. Dive with a whaleshark 
6. Dive with a Thresher Shark 
7. Witness a sardine run 
8. Go parasailing 
9. Visit Angkor Wat in Cambodia 
10. Visit the Great Wall of China 
11. Trip to Australia (see the Opera House)
12. Trip to USA
13. Set foot in Sagada
14. Have one of my photos published
15. Conquer Mt. Pinatubo
16. Learn Photography: topside and underwater
17. Visit the Yosemite Park
18. See the Grand Canyon
19. See the mighty Niagara Falls
20. Capture the beauty of the 12 Apostles (including an aerial view)
21. Finally set foot in Batanes 
22. Climb a volcano
23. Watch a Broadway Show
24. Cross the Golden Gate Bridge 
25. A photo at the White House
26. Ride a Helicopter
27. Ride a military C-130
28. Travel to Japan 
29. Pandanon Island, Bohol 
30. Coron, Palawan including Malcapuya Island 
31. Go on a cruise
32. Make a travel blog 
33. Seeing a Penguin and a kangaroo in the wild
34. Seeing a Koala up close and personal 
35. Experience Autumn in Australia 
36. Travel to Maldives

Things I have yet to do
The out-of-this-world Socotra Archipelago
1. Travel to the Holy Land
2. See the Pyramids of Egypt
3. See Petra, Jordan
4. Set foot in Socotra Archipelago (this one is a feat! I do not know if I will ever be able to do this but I want it on my list)
5. Travel to Maldives
6. Trip to the Mediterranean
7. Capture that postcard-perfect sunrise of Santorini, Greece
8. Trip to Europe
9. Set foot in all 7 continents (4 more to go)
10. Galapagos Island
11. Visit Mongolia
12. Visit Nepal
13. Capture amazing photos of temples in Myanmar
14. Trip to Russia
15. Witness and capture the amazing Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights
16. Go on an African Safari
17. Take that Trans-Siberian  and Trans-Mongolian Trains
18.  Go and visit the Middle Kingdom (aka New Zealand) 
19. Witness and see up close a great blue whale whip its gigantic tail!
20.  Christmas in Easter Island, Isla de Pascua
21.  Ride a hot air balloon
21. See the longest waterfall in the world---Angel Falls in Venezuela (remember the Disney movie "Up"?)
23. Step on the land of the Mayan, Inca, Aztecs
24. See the Taj Mahal
25. Marvel at the beauty of the Italian countryside (ala Letters to Juliet) 
26. Skydive
27. Bunjee jump
28. Go skiing (whether I learn it well is another story hehe)
29. Travel to Hawaii
30. See autumn colors
31. Experience winter (goodluck! tropical person here)
32. Autumn in Canada
33. Dive the Great Barrier Reef
34. Set foot on a desert (Sahara, Gobi?)
35. Be lost in the chaos of  a Rio Carnival
36. Check out what used to be a Leprosy village in Coron --- Culion. 
37. See rows upon rows of cherry blossom trees all abloom.
38. See the Wave Sandstone formation (Colorado USA)

Disclaimer: photos are from the internet. No copyright infringement intended

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