Tuesday, 26 February 2013

A Different Kind of Carinderia

I came across information of this much talked about, low-key food jaunt from friends on a social networking site several months ago. It did not caught my attention then.

A few weeks ago, another friend on the same site posted a photo of what seemed a delicious creation. That, led me to research more about the place. And the more I read about it, the more I wanted to check it out.

And that day came. Thanks to reliable google maps, it gave a route through Cavite's inner towns, rice fields, new housing developments, vast highways, rough roads, coastal towns and roads, before finally reaching the place. We could have taken the easy way, but no, I wanted to also explore Cavite's inland towns. It was a day of adventure for us.

Welcome to Cavite City!

Heroes Arch

You know you are in Cavite City when you see a lot of like this on the roadside

Welcome to Asiong's Carinderia!

Asiong's unassuming facade
Located in Cavite City, the restaurant is a a popular place in Caridad. If you crave for cheap Filipino food, then, this is the place to be when in the area. But no, this is not your typical carinderia.

It's unassuming facade belies a place with so much to offer besides your usual carinderia fare. Their offering may not be too familiar, but you will love the tastes.

Asiong's Carinderia

Food in a row

Porkchop, great when eaten with bagoong itlog ng isda, kalamansi & sili as dipping sauce

Ginataang gulay

 Presenting, Asiong's Carinderia's well-loved and popular dishes/homemade creations:

1) Pansit Choku en su tinta

  Pancit Pusit is vermicelli noodles cooked in squid ink, with ground crispy pork skin 
  (chicharon), and  kamias (if in season) . Odd-looking but definitely delicious.

   Call in advance to make sure they can serve you this. One order is good for 4-5 people. 
   You can also order by bilao. 

Asiong's popular dish

2) Kamias and Malunggay Juice

     A welcome, refreshing homemade concoction to quench your thirst. The combination of 
     sourness, sweetness, and a hint of bitterness just makes it perfect.

3) Bagoong na Itlog ng Isda
    Wow! This one is another winner. Not salty at all, it went well with our porkchop, pancit 
    pusit and ginataang gulay.

    The bagoong is steeped in oil, just like the gourmet tuyo and tinapa I used to make. Will 
    try this out on a pasta or vermicelli.

4) Ube Halaya

     Made from pure root crop, it tastes creamier and yummier.

5) Sampaloc (Tamarind) Halaya

     The consistency and color is more like condense milk. But the taste is delicious. I tried it 
     on a hot pandesal and it was perfect. 

They also have its own version of leche flan, bottled sukang sasa and chicken pastel empanada.

Come by every Sunday and have a taste of its Kare-Kare. Said to the best as per a famous food critic.

Dining in Asiong's is like dining in the comforts of your own home, Spanish era time. With its daily array of local Filipino food, and its unique dishes, you will surely love the place.

Oh, and did I say it's not expensive to dine here?

Can't wait to go back on a Sunday.

Asiong's Carinderia is in 712 Paterno St., Caridad, Cavite City. Call them at (0926) 7139400.

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