Sunday, 7 July 2013

Food Truck Craze now in the Philippines - Cucina Andare!

After getting the food truck bug in New York City, we have never stopped raving about such novel idea. We kept on talking about our experience and wishing that we have something like it in the country. Watching Eat St. on Food Network made us crave for it more.

Boy, were we glad when we learned about the very first food truck market in the country!

From the organizers of Mercato Centrale at BGC, comes Cucina Andare at the Glorietta Park, Makati. Happening every week from Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 4:00pm to 3:00am.

Cucina Andare has rows of food trucks and food stalls selling food from all over the world. Mexican? American? Arabic? Filipino? Japanese? or just plain simple hotdog sandwich but with a twist? Cucina Andare has it! Traditional, fusion and new discoveries. They got it all.

Visiting this place once is not enough. I plan to go back and try the other food offers.

What caught our attention on our first visit? Let us count the ways...

1) Chicken/Beef Shawarma by Shawarma Bros.
     One of the most popular food trucks, "Delicious just like the one we tasted in NYC!"   Their bestseller is the Lamb Steak Shawarma, but since we are no lamb eaters, we went the safe way---chicken and beef.
Shawarma Bros truck

Beef Shawarma Rice (photo courtesy of Shawarma Bros)
Shawarma Bros Menu

2) Crunchy Belly by Carlo's Kitchen
    "Crispy and not too salty."

Crispy Belly by Carlo's Kitchen

3) New Orleans Ribs from Hick's Famous Ribs
    "Soft to the bone, sweet, tangy and spicy."

Hick's Famous Ribs

4)  Bagwang by Manila Q
      Though we did not eat this, we bought a frozen 1/2kilo  of this "unhealthy" treat  for home. Our verdict: "Crispy and very delicious with a hint of garlic! A cross between bacon and our lechon kawali." Note to self: Crispy garlic bits to go with this should be perfect.

      Will try their other bestseller next time: Fish Ham.

Bagwang by Manila Q
5) U.S Rib Eye Steak by Juana Bowl
     On our list the next time we visit. Looks succulent and tasty!

Juana Bowl's US Rib Eye Steak
 6) Crispy Sisig Wrap by Truck Bun
     Another one to try. Not just the Sisig Wrap but the rest of their food. Looks so delectable and yummy!

Truck Bun's Red, White & Blue truck
Crispy Sisig Wrap (photo courtesy of Truck Bun)
Truck Bun's Menu (photo courtesy of Truck Bun)

7) Macheesemo Blue by Machessemo Burgers
    We just were not into burgers that day. But will definitely try this food stall next time. Juicy cheese-filled burger patties?!? I am for that definitely. Can't wait.

Macheesemo Menu
Macheesemo Blue (photo courtesy of Macheesemo Burgers)

There are more food trucks and food stalls to choose from. Here are photos of what else is being offered weekly at Cucina Andare:

Normal scene at Cucina Andare
Heavenly desserts!

Food stalls galore
Hotdog Stall

Nachos, anyone?

Yup, even our lowly Goto is present!

A refreshing and healthy drink by Gawad Kalinga

For more details, visit Cucina Andare's Facebook page at :

Cucina Andare
Glorietta Park (infront of Makati Shangri-la)
Every week from Thursday-Saturday at 4:00pm to 3:00am


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