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Beijing Adventures & Misadventures: Day 3&4

Tower 8 @ 888m above sea level
May 13, 2009

This time it will be the most famous attraction in China--the Great Wall--and a side trip to the Ming Tombs. We were joined by a couple from Australia who sweetly offered to us their Sydney home if we come visit.

Places we visited:

1. Great Wall at Badaling - the most famous and visited part of the Great Wall

The wall that represents the Ming Dynasty, it is the strategic gateway to the capital. It has North tower #8 which is the highest tower at 888 meters above sea level.

The Badaling Wall has been listed as a World Cultural Heritage Site in 1987.

We took the cable car to the North side. We planned to trek up to tower #8 but aborted it as we saw how steep the path is---no stairs for a few meters so you have to hold on to a railing. With a lot of old Chinese tourists around, it was quiet difficult to do so. So, we decided to hang around towers #7 & 6, where we took a lot of photos.

The walk along the wall would have been easier if the sun was not so hot, there were only a few tourists around, wind is blowing and we were not pressed for time. I would have done it..hmm...maybe I should go back??? hahahaha
Badaling Great Wall

The Great Wall as far as the eyes can see

2. Ming Tombs - burial grounds for 13 Ming Dynasty emperors set in a beautiful countryside.

After our sumptuous lunch, we proceeded to the Ming Tombs. Well, it is such a beautiful place for a cemetery, you know. =) You can even have a picnic here.
Ming Tomb entrance

Ming Tomb
3. Wangfujing - 1km shopping street--from luxury brands to bargain items.
They have a night food street that offers exotic food on wooden sticks. A pretty interesting place to visit.

This is where we had a grand time bargain hunting for souvenirs, taking in the sites and sounds of Beijing's street life, and where we had the best Peking (Beijing) Roast duck ever at Quanjude (or Quangjude)! Oh what a great way to end a very interesting trip. =)
Wangfujing's crowd

Wangfujing's high-end shops

Wangfujing's Mid-end shops

Exotic food at the Night food street

Exotic food @ Wangfujing

Exotic food @ Wangfujing

Fruit dessert anyone?
..and this is by far the best roast duck, ever...@ Quanjude

Despite all the hitches we went through, we had a great time in Beijing. I guess you just have to be a wise traveller so you will not fall prey to tourists scams and you'll know what to do and what to avoid.

Will I go back? Of course! but only when there are less tourists a billion Chinese, that would mean never?..hopefully not!..

May 14, 2009

Checked out around 10 am and took the airport shuttle. Since we checked in online last night, we had a breeze claiming our boarding pass. Gia and I had more than enough time to roam around the huge airport and take some food before the flight.
In Hongkong, we had to do an Amazing Race thingy just to rush to Toys R Us at Harbour Center to buy Gia's Speed Stacks (my promise to her if she gets promoted in her ballet class) so we will not miss our flight back to Manila. We actually had 4 hours waiting time -- so decided to go to Kowloon for the last minute shopping.

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