Monday, 31 December 2012

Land Down Under - The Majestic 12 Apostles

The Seahorse
A majestic place like this deserves a separate blog.

We originally did not plan to take the helicopter ride, but decided last minute because my guts was telling me not to miss this great opportunity--this once in a lifetime chance. And oh how glad were we----the view was just amazingly spectacular!!!

The Great Ocean Road--- is a 243-kilometre stretch of road along the south-eastern coast of Australia. In Victoria, Australia to be exact.

The 12 Apostles, situated between Apollo Bay and Port Campbell in The Port Campbell National Park, was originally named 'The Sow and Piglets'. The name was changed in the 1950s to tempt more visitors to see them.

These famous residence of The Great Ocean Road were created from the 70 meter limestone cliffs by the relentless pounding of the Southern Ocean. To date only 8 of the original 12 apostles are still standing as the ocean continues to erode and shape the coast line.     

Razorback, Baker's Oven, London Bridge, Salt and Pepper Shaker, Seahorse--- are just a few of the names of these sea stacks.

An appropriate highlight of our Melbourne trip no doubt!   

It is one of the most majestic places I have ever seen.  I stand in awe at the wonders of nature. Truly, how beautiful and wonderful this world is!

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