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Gone East!

Inside the Museum
This is the first thing I did after I got my 1st DSLR back in Dec., pardon the quality of my photos. This is before I took lessons from the masters....

December 2008
Laguna Loop

Antipolo Church

vendors outside Antipolo Church

Inside Antipolo Church

@Antipolo Church grounds
A road trip to Laguna via Rizal area. Tracing the towns around the Laguna de Bay.

Time to hit the road again. Time to explore our beautiful country. Thanks to this long long holiday.

With my Kumare Jet and my daughter, Gia, we explored a part of Laguna we haven't discovered via Rizal. So the east we went.

Armed with a map, my new Canon 50D dslr and a spirit of adventure, off we went exploring the rustic beauty of Laguna---with Laguna de Bay as our guide.

1st stop: Antipolo

We were at the church a little past 7am. Explored the area, went up to kiss the mantle of Our Lady of Peace & Good Voyage, took photos, and quick breakfast at Mcdonalds.

2nd Stop: Angono

Dropped by Balaw-Balaw Resto to check out the Art Gallery. Too bad it was still closed. Got some photos of its unique decor though.


Laguna Lake from Pililia viewpoint

Cardona Church

3rd stop - Cardona Rizal

Took a photo of their Church, which we mistook as the Morong Church. LOL

Drove through Morong and missed the Church. then on to Baras, Tanay, and stopped at the Pillilia Viewpoint to get a good view of the Laguna Lake.

Just realized how big Rizal province is! This place is way too far from the Metro!!!

Then on to Laguna ---- Famy...Siniloan...Pangil...and to our next stop...

Pakil Church

inside Pakil Church
4th stop: Pakil, Laguna

Went to the Church. Expected to see some colorful papier mache horses on stalls just outside the Church, but found none. Maybe they have it only during their fiesta?

5th stop: Paete, Laguna

Proceeded to Paete but was not able to find the right road to the Church (entered a one way road--hehehe) The locals were not as helpful or maybe clueless?

Stopped at a woodcraft store to check out their items and took some photos.

Then, passed through Lumban where you find the main road dotted with stores selling jusi, pina weavings/clothes. Too bad we missed Exotik. We thought there are other restaurants in Lumban proper, but when we asked the locals where we can have a nice lunch---they all chorused "Mam, me Jollibee sa unahan!" Doink!

So to stave off the hunger of my 2 passengers, we bought "lutong mais" along the road.

Pagsanjan Church

Inside the Church

famous Pagsanjan landmark

6th stop: Pagsanjan

So we proceeded to Pagsanjan. Still no luck. No nice restaurants here. well, that is according to a local.

So after taking some photos of its Church and famous landmark, we proceeded to the next town.

Arabela Restaurant

Vongole Fettucine

busy street of Liliw

their products

Liliw Church

inside Liliw Church
 7th stop: Liliw

Good thing we waited until we reached this place to have our lunch!

I have heard and read about this nice little restaurant in Liliw but was a bit skeptical because who would want to eat Italian in a place so very Filipino?

But since we are very famished (we arrived passed 1pm already), we decided to give it a try. Arabela is found in a street parallel to the street selling Liliw's main industry. The place was packed when we arrived! 

Wow! the reviews were right! The food is sooo goood and soooo very affordable. Imagine, a pasta dish for P70!!!? We stayed there till coffee and dessert.

Right after, we explored Liliw's main street where all the footwear shops are located. We had no plans of shopping, but we could not resist a bargain! For about P500 pesos, you will be able to buy 2 good and nice pairs of shoes already!

After shopping, we proceeded to Liliw's Church. A beautiful facade and vast courtyard. (and this is where my 50D run out of battery!!!!----grrrr!...good thing I brought my p&s cam.)
In short, we were "na-aliw sa Liliw" (happy with Liliw) so much so, we left the town around 4pm already!

Sampaloc Lake
Sampaloc Lake
8th stop: San Pablo

Original plan was to visit 2 of its 7 lakes, but because we have no more time, we proceeded to view the biggest lake amongst the 7----Sampaloc Lake.

Good thing it was just at the back of the City Hall so we did not miss the place. We took a tricycle around the lake and took some photos.

By 5:30pm, we are on our way back via Los Banos.

After 300+ km, 18 hours of driving on a national road that is only 1 lane per way! where it gets just 1 lane because the other side of the road is closed kasi me party occupying the whole lane! (i think we passed by 2-3 areas), we were back home!

It was a long, long day, but very much enriching!

You should try this once!

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