Thursday, 3 March 2011

Zambales Sojourn - Camara Island (Day 1)

April 4, 2009
Travel Buddies: Sir Willy & Tita Cindy 
Katryn & her son Dean
Stephen (the boy scout!)
Tito Alain 
Sheldon (the mountaineer)
Gia & Yaya Rose

Finally! After a year of planning on my part. We set foot on this part of the archipelago. I was joined by my photography classmate Sir Willy, his wife Tita Cindy, daughter Katryn and apo Dean, fellow divers Neil & Stephen, Stephen's Tito Alain and Sir Willy's friend, Sheldon. 

After buying our stuff for camping at the San Antonio Market, we proceeded to Canoe Resort as jump off area. 

We are quite a big group. 12 persons in all. 3 bancas + 1 banca just for our stuff. As I have imagined (but not wished!), the banca here are so small and it has no cover!!! So, we were all baked under the heat of the sun as we island hop before proceeding to our campsite. Thank you to my trusty bloody red shawl and my spf50 sunblock, I barely had the marks. ehehehe

Camara Island (other's call it Camera Island) is the smallest island amongst the 3 we visited in this area. 

Since we were there around 9am already, the sea was a bit rough. We were not able to cross to the other cove nor walk through the sandbar to go to the islet beside it. Spend about half an hour photo shooting the limited area.

No structures or resort here. Very secluded. White sand. Clear blue green seas...ahhh! what a LIFE!

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