Saturday, 5 March 2011

Why we LOVE Hong Kong!

view from Victoria Peak
Hong Kong...

...a city that exudes multiple personalities. A former British Colony, it has now become a major tourist destination in Asia including the affluent Mainland Chinese...

Hong Kong became Gia's 1st destination abroad...including Shenzhen and Macau...back then when she was just 4 years old...the time when Hong Kong Disneyland was still under construction and the only place to see for kids like her was the Ocean Park. Never thought that it will become one of our favorite "go to" place abroad.

view from Ocean Park

Shenzhen 2003

Macau 2003
...2 years after, we went back when Disneyland just opened..and then, another trip with my 78-yr old father and stayed at Hollywood Hotel..and then, the most recent trip with my officemate about 2 years ago in time for the Halloween season (separate post)...


So, why do we LOVE Hong Kong?

* the weather is perfect for anything --- well, air pollution is an issue, but, if you are there for a few days, who minds, right?

* the very efficient MTR --- you don't need a car here! I get to walk a few blocks to and from a station and I do not mind. The walkways are all connected and all underground, you do not bake under the heat of the sun, and it's cool too! Gia loves the MTR!!

* Ultra-modern feel --- "you feel it before you see it"  well, at least that is how I feel, considering where I come from.

* Shopping! --- From bargain clothes in streetmarkets to high-end luxury brands, whatever ones preference, Hongkong has it, and usually much cheaper. 

* Hong Kong Disneyland --- who wouldn't love the place? Although smaller than most Disneyland parks, it does not lack the "Disney magic". We returned 3x in it's 4 year existence (2003-2007)!

look for the hidden Mickey

Mulan 2007 
* Food! --- need I say more? from cheap yet yummy fastfood/'hole in the wall" food to expensive sit down meals, one will surely leave the place happy.

* Victoria Harbour --- whether day or night, from Hong Kong or Kowloon side, the harbour is a must see everytime.  See a Dukling (Chinese ancient boat) cross the channel or watch the play of lights at night.

* it's just  "next door" to the Philippines! ---- so anytime one wants a change of scenery, one can fly to Hongkong! with the advent of cheaper fares, anyone can now fly to Hong Kong anytime.

getting tips from the whiz kid!

..and the golf pro...

* Lots of attractions! --- Ocean Park, Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum, The Peak and many more. I have yet to see Ngong Ping/Lantau Island. Maybe in another blog post.

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